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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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be aware of is an isolated thunderstorm saturday and sunday, highs 79 to 84 saturday, pretty much the same sunday. if you're on the boat, don't forget to use the sunscreen. you will really fry this weekend. we'll go eastward to the shore. we're looking at temperatures in ocean city 75 to 80 and quite frankly right on the water in the 70s if you're buy the beach. inland you'll be around 80, winds southeast at 10, slight chance of shower or thunderstorm sunday. water temperature, 61 or 62. you cannot stay in that very long without becoming in danger of being hypothermic. please be careful of that. 84 downtown now, 81 gaithersburg, 82 manassas and andrews. i'm not going to show you doppler because there's nothing on it. i'll keep the chance of an isolated thunderstorm in tonight, patchy fog late, low 62 to 70, but all in all a pretty nice night across the metro area. we'll come back and talk about our forecast as well in a bit. where drivers are making their way to ocean city and the
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delaware beaches now. you can see there are a whole lot of them waiting to cross the bay bridge and go through the toll plaza. you better pack some patience with those swimsuits. it's going to cost a little more to get over the bridge this year. the toll is up 60% and it costs $4 a vehicle to cross the bay bridge, all that traffic. now just in time for the summer season, though, falling gas prices. people are paying less for the seventh week in a row. we found the price of a regular gallon of gas $3.55 at w express gas stations on georgia avenue northwest. that is well below the average price in the d.c. area, which is $3.75. nationwide the average price is $3.66 a gallon for unleaded. people headed to the beach will also find less pain at the pump. our scott broom looks at all of what's new at the shore this sur. >> reporter: i'm scott broom on the road at the beaches this
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memorial day holiday weekend. expect lower gas prices down to the beach this early summer and on this side of the bay bridge it's even five to 10 cents per gallon cheaper 'once on the delaware cost you'll find a brand-new $150 million bridge at indian inlet, all lanes now open, finally clearing years of construction delays. in rehoboth beach legendary parking hassles might get easier this year if you have a smartphone. there's a park mobile pay by phone system this weekend, the same system used in downtown washington. in dewey beach police are warning underage drinkers about harsh penalties and the town has tightened up noise regulations on businesses and in ocean city, maryland, visitors might be surprised to see acres and acres of smooth new boards from the north end of 17th street, the first half of a project to rebuild the famous boardwalk. the beaches are ready for summer and they're hoping you are, too.
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scott broom, 9 news now. >> in fact, scott tells us business owners at the business say they're cautiously optimistic as the curtain is about to go up on another summer vacation season. here in the washington area the memorial day weekend is more about remembering the troops who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> people paid their respects to members of the military who gave their lives to their country by laying roses and flowers at the vietnam memorial. they were assisted by members of the memorial day foundation volunteers. an estimated 3,000 rose bouquets will be placed around washington memorials this weekend. rolling thunder has arrived. have you heard them yet? it marks the unofficial start of the memorial day weekend festivities in washington and one group of bikers began their journey today in cran pear, new jersey. kristin fisher has -- cranberry, new jersey. kristin fisher has more from arlington.
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>> reporter: this is the sound that lets you know memorial day weekend is here. it's the 25th anniversary of rolling thunder's ride for free. on sunday well over a half million of these riders will roll out from the pentagon to west potomac park which means major road closures along parts of washington boulevard and the memorial bridge. if motorcycles aren't your thing, maybe this will help. it's the national memorial day concert. it startle at 8:00 sunday night, but get there early when gates open at 5:00. the concert is co-hosted by actors gary sinise and joe mon tanya. performers include daughtry, natalie cole and jessica sanchez, this year's american idol runner-up. then it's time for the main event, the national memorial day parade on constitution avenue. last year it seemed like the headliner was the heat. >> get your ice cold water and gatorade! >> reporter: this year should
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be slightly cooler, but temperatures will push 90 degrees. the parade will feature a special tribute to the u.s. fair force and the grand marshal is none other than retired major general chuck yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier. in arlington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> one more note about that national memorial day concert near the u.s. capitol building. if you can't make it sunday night, you are welcome to take in the full dress rehearsal saturday run or shine. gates open at 5:00. dress rehearsal starts at 8:00. preparations are underway for next week's public farewell to the godfather of go go chuck brown. a public viewing for the d.c. music legend will take place tuesday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. all day at the howard theater on t street northwest. then the community can attend a memorial on thursday from noon to 3:00 at the washington convention center. bruce leshan has more on the final farewell to this washington legend. >> reporter: chuck brown used to play here at the howard
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theater on t street when it was a run down old dump back in the 1980s. he was actually scheduled here for a homecoming concert in june. instead a full circle moment, his viewing here on tuesday. >> yes, i'll be there without a doubt. >> reporter: how do you feel about chuck brown? >> i love him. i love him to death. i through up on chuck brown. -- i grew up on chuck brown. >> reporter: one of the really cool things about chuck brown was his ability to bring people together from all over the place, whites, african americans, asians. he played the go go clubs and he played the kennedy center. his funeral will be here in perhaps the most establishment of spots, the d.c. convention have, but there's a certain amount of secrecy involved. we hear rumors of big stars coming, some of them speaking perhaps, but we don't have any details on that.
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in fact, we don't have any details on which hall the funeral will be held in, but we do know this. once again we're expecting big crowds and the recommendation is that you take metro. we're going to be broadcasting it live on air and online. at the d.c. convention center, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> we've also set up a chuck brown tribute page on facebook and we invite you to visit. leave your comments. the site already there's a bit of controversy about people making money off chuck brown's image. chick high who has taken hundreds of pictures of the godfather these last couple years shot these photos today. people were selling chuck brown t-shirts in front of the howard theater and the wholesale markets at new york and florida avenue northeast. a jury convicted him of murdering his girl friend and
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fellow uva classmate. now george huguely is asking a jury to toss that verdict aside and why his attorney says he deserves a new trial at 7:00. coming up next many called it offensive and now the auction of a purported vial of president reagan's blood is called off. we'll tell you more ahead. >> plus the long hall, the space shuttle explorer takes to the sea. you are watching 9 news now.
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nasa has ended the shuttle program, but if you looked out into the ocean from miami today, you likely said what's that shut floating by? well, a full size replica of the orbiter is being pulled by a barge from cape canaveral to houston. it will make its where a around key west before reaching texas. the kennedy -- its way around key west before reaching texas.
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the kennedy space shuttle needed more room. the auction center offering a vial of president reagan's blood to the highest bidder called off the sale and says it will be donated to the late president's foundation. the decision not to sell the controversial item linked to the 1981 assassination attempt on mr. reagan was praised by his foundation in california. it was reportedly taken by a lab that tested the president's blood after the assassination attempt. the hawks house says the bidding was -- the auction house says the bidding was up to $30,000 before the sale was suspended. coming up on 9 news now getting into the swim of things, resident in the district have a new place to cool off. we'll tell you more.
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she's doing it! the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. hey lisa, who ya wearing? she's wearing the new depend silhouette. (growl) we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. in addition to all the sun and fun, summer also heralds the arrival of mosquito season. peggy fox is looking at how fairfax county is responding to this year's threat. >> reporter: pounding rains this week made a mess of some
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area roads. now that standing water may create more worries providing the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. these mosquitoes were just caught in the first traps put out this season by the fairfax county health department. >> the majority of the problems in the backyard is the asian tiger mosquito. it's a mosquito that breeds in artificial containers around houses. they like those black corrugated pipes that people use to drain the water away from the houses. >> reporter: he recommends tossing a larvae size mosquito dunk in those drain pipes. fairfax county has 70 places where they set traps and each spot they have two traps. this has dry ice that puts out carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes looking to bite something and this has stagnant water which attracts mosquitoes looking for a place to lay eggs. picture a bigger concern -- ticks are a bigger concern
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because of lyme disease. thankfully our most common tick, the lone star tick, does not carry the bacteria. only the deer tick does. how do you know the difference? a lone star tick and deer tick look identical to the naked eye. that's why if one bites you, you should find out what it is. >> if you find a tick on you, remove it properly with forpceps, put it in a ziploc back and take it to fairfax county and illative it for you. >> reporter: if you don't feel well, head to a doctor. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> officials with the fairfax county west nile surveillance program say they're working closely with the park authority to manage mosquitoes in northern virginia. a lot of people around here are already gone to the beach and chances are they beach.
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the best beach in the nation is coronado beach near san diego. dr. beach puts out a best beaches list every year. you don't sound convinced topper. >> it's too cold. >> he says the beach is white, has nice sand and not a single delmarva beach cracked his top 10. d.c. residents have a new option if they can't make it to the beach. mayor vincent gray was at the opening of a brand-new pools at rosedale community center in northeast and our surae chinn was there for the festivities. >> reporter: here 19 pools across the district are set to open for the unofficial start to summer and here at rosedale community center kids will have a new pool to play in. >> we weren't al howed to swim in it and play -- allowed to swim in it and play in this playground back in the '40s.
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it was all whites. we used to go over on gail street on that side and slide in at night. >> reporter: you'd sneak in. >> yes. that's what we did. >> reporter: nor did it stop mamie peanut johnson, one of the few women who played in negro league baseball. >> we've come a long way, but we still haven't gotten there. with this happening i think it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: the community center will house a new library and gym. for a woman who broke so many barriers, today's opening is close to her heart. >> i'm proud of rosedale, very proud. >> that was surae chinn reporting. now we want to take you out to the bay bridge because there are a lot of people sitting in traffic. in fact, we've got a shot here right as you approach the bay bridge at sandy point. look at that traffic. it is packed. we warned everybody yesterday
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that if you wanted to avoid this, you needed to leave early or leave after 8:00. >> early or late. >> they there's a cruise ship right there approaching the bay bridge. the cruise ship might get to where it's going quicker than that traffic might get over the bridge. >> bay bridge longer than the san francisco bay bridge. >> yes, it is. >> we have two of them. >> it's a gorgeous shot from here. >> it is and really weatherwise we have radar quiet, a couple showers across the bay bridge over toward easton, but much quieter around the immediate metro area. this weekend looks really nice, a few storms in the afternoon and otherwise just hot and human. let's start with a live look outside from our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son and pretty much clear skies there with the capitol in the background. temperature 84 after a high of 80 sick, dew point down a tick to 60 -- 86, dew point down a tick to 69. when the dew points get up to
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the 70s, it's just not a good thing, especially if your ac is broken. here's a look at radar. we had showers earlier in parts of st. mary's county into charles county, but by and large, this is where the activity has been between cambridge and easton and point north. that's where it's going to stay. that said, i'm going to keep a chance of an isolated storm in for another few hours. 81 arlington, bethesda, 85 great falls, 81 reston, 83 sterling. i'm not talking about rockville because it's 81 in garrett raring and bethesda, so we kicked that out -- gaithersburg and bethesda, so we kicked that out. isolated thunderstorms tonight, late fog possible after midnight, rather hot and humid weekend and a few afternoon storms. for tonight early isolated storm, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, patchy fog possible, 62 to about 70 downtown. now we're talking about temps downtown getting a little on the sticky side. by morning partly cloudy, warm,
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grab your sunglasses, 60s and 70s, winds south, southeast at 10. by afternoon partly cloudy, hot and isolated storm possible. remember the sunscreen. high temperatures 86 to about 90, winds southeast at 10. the next seven days we carried this pretty much through the holiday weekend. around 90 sunday and on memorial day isolated storms possible. on tuesday now a better chance for storms. that's because we have a cold front approaching. tay will give us a better chance for storms late tuesday into very early wednesday and a little cooler thursday, friday, highs in low to mid-80s. it's not perfect, but it's pretty darn nice. >> it's pretty good. we're talking about the redskins and more on the getting to know you season. >> we should franchise this, getting to know rg3. the sportscasts heavy on one guy, three initials, rg3. now that otas are over, one veteran has a word of caution.
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griffin also commandeers the mic literally. wait till you see what happens when the man interviews these guys next.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> peyton manning threw 28 pictures his rookie year, cam newton 17. point? rookie quarterbacks struggle at time and so will robert
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griffin, iii and his teammates have been quick to point that out. griffin and the boys just completing the first round of organized team activities, several more to come, of course. fan expectations are sky high for rg3. leave it up to one of the wiley veterans to but those expectations in perspective. >> he's a young guy regardless of how much, he still has to learn a lot. don't want that pressure on him that he has to be the one. together we have to be a team around him to help him, you know, bring us to where we need to be at. >> good point. even the pros get a memorial day break. other bats coming up may 29th to 31st and back at it the 4th through the 7th. minicamp and then training camp end of the summer. one of the telltale signs the nats are improving is their record against the division. washington is 8-3 against the
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braves, phillys, marlins and mets combined. it's the primary reason they're leading the nl east. can they keep it up? we'll find out a lot in the neck 12 games because all twelves are against the braves and mets in marlins new york beginning tonight. this is the first meeting of the season between the two. ross detwiler good early but struggled a little late. first pitch 7:35. the baltimore orioles second best record in all of baseball, one of the reasons? that guy right there, adam jones and the team is reportedly closing in on a record contract extension for the 26-year-old in the ballpark of, no pun intended, $85 million. jones currently second in home runs with 14. i know two teams that don't want to be home for memorial day barbecues. maryland' men and women's lacrosse teams. the men face duke in saturday's championship semifinal in boston. the teams split their earlier two games. the ladies are there tonight.
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you don't know much about women's lacrosse, this is huge. northwestern won the championship last season. maryland won in 2010 and the two teams have traded deep downs on one another in their respective championship season. tonight's game begins at 8:00. >> we ask the hard questions here and shawn was in the sec as well, so that was a shot at him. how do you feel about going in the 4th round? >> yet another discovered talent of rg3, him playing reporter at the rookie debut camp, stole the mic, asking those hard hitting reporter questions that we're required to ask. he only said oh one time, so good for him. he'll take my job. >> he's got a great personality and everybody is looking forward to what he'll do on the field. >> we're excited. >> hot weekend in store. you're going to talk more about that at 7:00 and 11:00. for now we hope you have a safe memorial day weekend. the cbs evening news is next and anita will see you at 7:00.
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have a great weekend.